Warehouse Security System

Installation Info

We were tasked with designing and installing a comprehensive security installation for a large warehouse in Manchester.

The first thing we needed to do was survey the building so we could design the CCTV system effectively, ensuring all corners of the building were covered.  The CCTV system on this building was to cover both the inside and outside and we had to ensure there were no blind spots anywhere.

We used a variety of different camera types depending on the area that needed to be monitored including fixed dome cameras and remotely operated high definition security cameras.

A full alarm system was also needed. The alarm system had many points of entry it needed to cover including large roller shutters and standard doors including fire escapes.

With this being a commercial install and the contents of the warehouse valuable, extra care had to be taken to ensure the system could not be compromised or disabled prior to a break in.

ClientWarehouse Owner
RequiredFull security